Assembly, part 2

After lots of glue, lots of screws, lots of clamps, and lots of time with the belt sander, the roof and hatch frames are done.

And the real parts look like the CAD models – amazing!

Picking out the aluminum colors – we’re probably going with a white roof, dark over light sides, and diamondplate on the lower front for stone protection

There may be a couple of problems coming up

  1. The cutout for the stargazer skylight came out a little small. Dry fit it seemed OK, but fully glued it’s about 3/16″ too small front to back (narrow width). More time with the belt sander should take care of that.
  2. According to Frank Bear and Vintage Tech, the hatch ribs should be around 2 1/4″ to keep the bent baltic birch from springing back and pulling the curve out of the hatch. Mine are 1 1/2″. I have a couple of ideas to fix this.
    • Option 1 – cut 1/16″ relief slots in the 1/8″ sheet along the grain to allow it to bend a little easier (same technique as bending thicker sheets).
    • Option 2 – fabricate some steel reinforcements (back to the plasma cutter?), probably just for the tight bend at the very back. Not ideal, but I don’t think I can fit a thicker door in the space I have.
  3. I have to do a little fabrication to support the vent – I picked it up Monday so now I know the exact size. Fortunately I left a bigger hole ┬áthan I needed so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Next step, fix the stargazer opening and put the inside skin on the roof frame!

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