Sick Puppy RyePA

I’m a homebrewer. Sick Puppy is one of my old favorites. It’s named after our dog Zoey, who ate┬áthe hops the first time I brewed this recipe. If you’re a homebrewer and have a dog be careful – hops are very bad for dogs and some dogs aren’t smart enough to know that. The original name for this beer was ‘$800 Ale’ in honor of the emergency vet bill…

I’ll do a post during a brew day to walk through the process – it’s never been documented before anywhere on the internet I’m sure.

For now here’s the extract version of this recipe for your homebrewing enjoyment.

Sick Puppy RyePA

1lb crushed Rye Malt

1lb crushed 20L Crystal Malt

9lbs Pale Liquid Extract

2 packages California or American Ale yeast (1 if you do a starter)

3oz Centenial Hops

Irish Moss/Whirlflok if you’re into that sort of thing


Steep the grains for 30 minutes at 155F

Bring to boil

Add 1 3lb can of extract, 1oz Centennial hops, boil for 45 minutes

Add 2 3lb cans of extract, 1oz Centennial hops

at 50 minutes, add Whirlflok/Irish Moss if you use that sort of thing

Remove from boil at and cool, top up to 5 gallons in your primary fermenter

Add yeast

Transfer to secondary after 3 days or so

3 or 4 days before bottle/kegging, dry hop with 1oz Centennial hops

Bottle with your usual bottling procedure or keg at 2-3 weeks (I think I overshot the carbonation in the picture with this post)

OG should be around 1.065 to 1.070; FG 1.018 to 1.020, alcohol by vol around 6% to 6.6%

Beersmith says 48 IBU

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